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Benefits of Using Propane Powered Forklifts

Man Driving Propane Forklift
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Thinking about purchasing propane powered forklifts? You aren’t alone - In warehouses across the U.S. there are approximately 600,000 propane powered forklifts currently in use. Here are a few benefits of propane forklifts that will help make your decision easy!

Reduced Emissions
Propane powered forklifts emit nineteen percent less emissions than that of gasoline powered forklifts. Furthermore, when comparing “site-to-source” emissions, propane forklifts produce less overall emissions than that of electric powered.

Cut down on wait time - No more standing around waiting for the forklift battery to recharge. With propane powered forklifts all it takes is an easy cylinder switch out thus allowing for greater productivity on the warehouse floor!

Cost Effective
A study done in 2005 analyzed the costs of running a propane forklift versus that of an electric forklift. The study determined that the cost of running a propane forklift was $1.41 per hour, compared to that of the electric forklift which was $1.48 per hour. Even though the immediate cost savings seems minimal, when applying that to a full year scale across multiple forklifts, it adds up! 

Tax Credits
Look out for available alternative fuel tax credits - To redeem a $0.50 per gallon tax credit for propane used in 2016, be sure to apply by August 2017. To find out more information contact your tax advisor or read further details here

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