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Forklift Tips: Choosing the Right Forklift Refueling Option

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Propane-Powered Forklift Tips

Tip 1: Choosing the Right Refueling Option
What do you do when your forklifts need to be refueled? Do you take the tanks out back and fill them up on site? Do you just swap out the tanks with those your supplier dropped off?

Do you know which refueling option is the best choice for your company?

Most business owners don’t even think about the impact forklift refueling has on business operations. You could be wasting gallons of propane each week with an inefficient refueling process, or you could even put your business’s safety at risk with poor refueling practices.

Have your propane supplier come on-site. Let them survey your facility and get a sense for your current refueling set-up. Walk them through a mock refueling. This way, you and your supplier can uncover inefficiencies with your current setup and determine how to eliminate fuel waste.

Flexible Options
Your business is unique from the one down the street, so make sure you’re having a conversation with your propane supplier about what options are available to you. Best-in-class propane suppliers, like AmeriGas, offer multiple refueling options, giving you the flexibility to choose the best refueling option for your business needs:

Cylinder Exchange: AmeriGas monitors your propane usage and delivers full cylinders to keep you up and running. You can also choose to monitor your usage yourself and request deliveries when more propane is needed.
On-Site Cylinder Refueling: Participate in forecasted delivery service that provides propane to your location(s) based on your forecasted usage.
Bulk Tank Service: Opt for an on-site tank and dispenser for maximum flexibility with timely propane deliveries in bulk. Depending on your forklift operations, it may make sense to have a large propane tank at your location. Your local AmeriGas propane expert will inspect your site, help you decide on the size of the tank and get it installed.

Schedule a FREE fuel check to have an AmeriGas representative come on-site to show you the benefits of each refueling option. Lean more and schedule your fuel check by clicking here.

Next week, check back for the next Propane-Powered Forklift Tip to learn how to conserve fuel and increase your forklift’s operational efficiency.