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Plumbers: Help Enhance the Value of Your Clients' Homes

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Want to know where your homeowner’s energy costs are going? Just turn to the hot water faucet. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that approximately 20 percent of a home’s energy costs are spent heating water. That’s why helping your homeowner select an efficient water heater is critical—and a propane tankless water heater is one of the most efficient options available. Fortunately, in today’s market, consumers have more energy-efficient options, such as propane water heaters, than in the past. In your profession, you can directly advise your clients of the benefits that propane water heaters can offer to them as homeowners. Not only will you be improving your bottom line, but your clients will be extremely satisfied with the results they see and money they save.

PERC (Propane Education and Research Council) is offering an online course for you to learn how you can help consumers save and enhance the value of their homes by helping them understand why propane is the best energy choice for water heaters. Bonus: You can even win a $500 gift card for taking this brief online training course.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

Compare the performance benefits of heating water with propane versus electricity.
Describe two ways in which tankless water heaters save money when compared to tank-type water heaters.
Explain the impact of fossil fuels and electricity on the greenhouse effect.
Identify retrofit opportunities, including specification and installation of a tankless water heater.

Looking for even more reasons to provide to your clients about how upgrading to a propane tankless water heater can save them money? See below!

Continuous hot water, at a consistent temperature. You can even use hot water for multiple tasks—such as showering, washing dishes or doing laundry—at the same time without worrying about running out.

Saves space in your home or business. You can store a tankless water heater inside or outside and it takes up much less room, you only need a wall to mount it on.

Greener. Propane is environmentally friendly because it is non-toxic and creates very low emissions.

Longevity. Tankless water heaters have a typical life expectancy of up to 20 years—twice as long as a tank-style unit.

Reliable energy. When the electricity goes out, propane is in steady supply.

Rebates are available for Energy Star rated appliances. Many state or regional propane agencies have rebates typically of around $200. Many tankless water heaters qualify for tax incentives and rebates as part of government energy conservation goals.

You never know when a customer will be ready to replace their current water heater, so stay active and keep the subject top of mind. Head over to PERC’s online training course to learn more about propane water heaters. If you would like more information about our water heater programs contact us here.