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Propane-Fueled Police Vehicles

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You never know what type of vehicle is going to pull-up alongside you next! This 2014 Dodge Charger Police Car runs on a 5.7 V8 hemi and was converted to propane by IMEGA International USA. This car is equipped with all of the lights, sirens, etc. of a normal police car only difference is how it’s powered.

Unit 1075, as this vehicle is called, is used to promote propane run vehicles to law enforcement agencies throughout the south .While the car is on location officers are encouraged to test drive the vehicle so they can fully compare it to their normal squad cars. Every agency who has tested the vehicle has agreed this car has more power and torque than its gasoline powered counterparts.

As the cost of gasoline continues to rise, more and more agencies are seeing the benefit of using propane as an alternative fuel. Not only does switching to propane help save the agencies money but it’s also a more environmentally friendly way to power up their fleets.

Propane-fueled law enforcement vehicles offer the following benefits:

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and particulate emissions in comparison to fleets fueled by gasoline.
Promote environmentally friendly transportation throughout the community because of their high visibility.
Ensure the reliable operation of essential emergency and security vehicles.
Support the use of domestically produced fuel, decreasing reliance on foreign imports.
Reduce fleet maintenance costs and increase engine life.

For more information on this clean fuel alternative visit or contact an AmeriGas AutoGas specialist.