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Senator Casey Introduces Clean Vehicle Corridors Act at AmeriGas

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PERC Chairwoman Elect Paula Wilson summed up the autogas opportunity perfectly at yesterday’s press conference when she said that “propane is the world’s most used alternative engine fuel. “ With 17 million vehicles on the road, many have already discovered why this fuel is the third most popular worldwide, behind gasoline and diesel.

Propane powered vehicles are growing in popularity in the United States, with more than 300,000 on the road today. AutoGas is the functional alternative fuel that represents a sustainable energy solution helping the environment and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

“America is ready for a clean, economical and domestically produced alternative fuel. The propane industry stands ready to support customer demand by providing the vehicle fuel systems and dispenser options using the best technology. And AmeriGas stands ready to provide the propane services needed to keep fleets driving every day,” Wilson explained.

There is tremendous opportunity in AutoGas; an opportunity for Americans to reduce their dependence on foreign oils and an opportunity to let Americans control our own energy future. Senator Bob Casey, Jr. explained how “we need sound public policies that make it easier for Americans to adopt clean vehicle fuels.”

So where does the Clean Vehicle Corridors Act come in? Here are some key parts about this proposed legislation:

Clean Vehicle Corridors Act

Vehicles are likely to consume alternative fuels like propane once infrastructure has been installed along designated routes (Clean Vehicle Corridors). This bill would allow the Department of Transportation to create these Clean Vehicle Corridors along specified highways.

The legislation would improve Pennsylvania’s clean energy infrastructure and get more alternative fuel trucks on the road. At AmeriGas, Casey detailed how this approach could boost Pennsylvania’s emerging alternative energy industry and spark economic growth by adding more clean fueling stations along federal interstates and allowing projects supporting clean vehicles to be eligible to receive an increased share of funding from the Department of Transportation.

“Pennsylvania has quickly become a leader in alternative energy which has had a substantial impact on jobs and economic growth,” Senator Casey said. “This legislation can help Pennsylvania take the next step in the development of alternative fuels. Putting in place more clean energy infrastructure and making it easier for businesses to transport their goods using alternative energy will help these businesses grow and create jobs.”

Casey hopes the legislation, along with another bill he sponsored to extend tax credits for clean-energy vehicles, will spur demand for and manufacturing of propane-run vehicles in the U.S. and decrease the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

AmeriGas AutoGas

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