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Trend Alert: School District Switches from Diesel to Propane

District Switches to Propane
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As summer vacation approaches for most school children, the districts remain hard at work already prepping for the upcoming school year. One district in particular is working on a whole new approach for how their students get to school, and guess what, they’re turning to propane - AmeriGas Propane.

Paulding County School District in Georgia has recently undergone a groundbreaking transition where they are phasing out diesel buses and replacing them with propane powered buses. Over the course of the next few years they plan on introducing 25-30 new propane school buses each year until their fleet is completely propane powered.

As they have already begun this transition of retiring diesel buses, they are already noticing the significant benefits. Aside from the propane gas tank being 20 times more puncture resistant than that of a diesel tank – propane powered buses are noticeably quieter, which in return allows the bus driver to focus more closely on the road. Even though propane powered buses do come at a slightly higher initial price point, Paulding County District predicts that they will save up to $1,800 per bus per year!

Check out the full news segment here from WSB-TV 2 for more information on this exciting transition!

Interested to see how switching your fleet to propane can save you money? Look no further, as this nifty calculator can help estimate those cost savings!