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Propane Tank Winter Weather Tips

Prepare your home's propane tank for winter weather
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Prepare Your Propane Tank for Winter 

Oh, the weather outside is weather...

Days are getting shorter, and the weather is getting colder. You know what that means… winter is coming. Make sure your propane powered home or business is ready for the weather—inclement or otherwise—this winter season by following a few simple safety tips:

1. Keep it clear

You already know the importance of keeping your driveway and sidewalks clear when it snows—both for your own and others’ safety—but don’t forget to clear a path to your propane tank as well! Propane delivery trucks are wider and taller than a regular vehicle so make sure there is adequate room for our trucks to maneuver and make a delivery. This includes checking for low hanging and/or overgrown branches that could break from the excess weight of the snow and block access for our delivery drivers.

Not only do you need to keep the path to your propane tank clear and accessible, but your propane tank, vents, and equipment should also be regularly cleared of any snow or ice. Failure to keep your equipment cleared could result in damage to the equipment and, potentially, a gas leak, while blocked vents could result in an accumulation of carbon monoxide in your home—a threat that can be reduced with proper winter weather care and diligence.

2. X marks the spot

Whether you have an above ground or a below ground tank, snow can make it difficult for our drivers to accurately locate and access the tank for a fill up. Take steps now to ensure our drivers know where your tank is located. Experts suggest using a flag or wooden marker (make sure they stand higher than your area’s average snowfall) to guide delivery drivers to your propane tank.

3. Don't be a propane procrastinator

Winter presents plenty of challenges, and the weather can change quickly. Don’t take chances with your whole-home or business comfort, place your next propane order online when your tank reaches 30% to ensure your next fill reaches you well in plenty of time. You can also view and update your estimated tank percentage directly within your MyAmeriGas account.

4. Space it out

Propane is more in demand in the winter than in the summer, and sometimes big orders can be a big strain on your budget. Instead, why not sign up for Convenience Pay? With convenience pay, we will take your average annual propane use and stagger it into manageable monthly payments. Every three months we will reassess your propane usage and adjust your payments accordingly, so you never have to worry about a big bill or settle-up at the end of the year.  Sign up, today! Enroll in AmeriGas Convenience Pay.

Follow these simple guidelines and make this winter your safest and coziest yet!