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Enroll In Convenience Pay

A new monthly payment plan by AmeriGas

Convenience Pay is a new payment option from AmeriGas that lets you spread your annual propane costs into easy monthly payments with no annual settle-up. Payments may adjust up or down every three months to respond to changes in your propane usage. It’s free – there are no participation fees and no interest charges. Please review the Convenience Pay Terms and the FAQs for more information about the program.

Sign up today!
Eligible customers can enroll in Convenience Pay through our MyAmeriGas online account system. Click here to log into your account.

What’s Next?

  • Once we process your enrollment request, you’ll receive an email confirmation of your enrollment with your first monthly payment amount and due date.
  • Your first Convenience Pay bill will be due the month following your enrollment.
  • If we are unable to process your request, you will be contacted.

Convenience Pay Terms

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Convenience Pay FAQs

Who is eligible for Convenience Pay, AmeriGas' monthly payment program?

Convenience pay is available for residential customers who are in good credit standing, with no past due balance, and with propane needs that typically exceed $50 per month (averaged over 12 months).

If you currently do not currently have 30 day terms, we will run a soft credit check to see if you are eligible. Soft credit checks do not impact your credit score.

Minimum monthly payments

The minimum monthly payment on Convenience Pay is $50. If your usage averages significantly less than $50 per month, Convenience Pay may not be the right option for you.

Can I roll a current balance into convenience pay?

Whether you've just gotten a delivery or a bill, as long as your account is current, we can roll your current balance right into your Convenience Pay plan. With Convenience Pay we can spread that cost over the next 12 months.

How do I cancel convenience pay?

Convenience Pay is a voluntary program that will continue until you or AmeriGas terminates the contract with written notice. Upon termination, we will reconcile your account and any balance will become due immediately.

Can I use autopay with convenience pay?

Yes! We encourage our customers to pair AutoPay and Convenience Pay since they are billed monthly. This combination provides you with the most worry-free and hassle-free service experience.