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Whats the Difference Between Propane Refill and Propane Exchange

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It happens to all of us; you are grilling up dinner or sitting out on your patio with your propane patio heater on high and suddenly you realize you are out of propane. Don’t panic! You have options: Propane Refill or Propane Exchange.

So exactly what is the difference between propane refill and propane exchange?

To some, refilling your tank might make you think of a propane truck backing down your driveway to fill your tank at your house. The term propane refill is also used to describe filling propane tanks at a propane provider or retail location. With propane refill you bring your propane tank, most often a grill tank, to a propane provider (like us) or a retailer to have it filled. Retailers who offer propane refill services have a large propane tank with special equipment, called a dispenser, which allows them to safely refill your propane tank. In addition to grill cylinders, propane refill locations can fill other portable propane tank sizes usually up to 100lb tanks. In certain locations these dispensers can also refill your RV/Camper and vehicles running on Propane AutoGas.

Propane exchange, just as the name suggests, is when you exchange your empty propane tank for a new, already refilled tank. Exchanging your propane tank is a convenient option for consumers to swap out an empty grill cylinder, or grill tank, for a new one. Propane exchange is found at thousands of retailers across the U.S. but propane providers, like AmeriGas, will sometimes have propane exchange available at their office locations. Exchange generally requires an employee to assist you with returning and getting a new tank; however, some locations offer vending machines which allow for 24 hour access.

Now that you know the difference between propane refill and propane exchange, all you need to know is where to find a refill or exchange location. We have you covered there too. Whether you are looking for a propane exchange location, a 24-hr propane exchange location, or a propane refill location, you can visit to find the location nearest you.