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New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

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2020. Another new year, another set of resolutions you promise to keep. (Spoiler alert: You probably won’t.)

But rather than the usual “exercise, eat better, be nicer” resolutions you make every year, we’re here to help you start 2020 with some resolutions for your home. That’s right! Check out these four great ways to help make your home more comfortable (and more enjoyable) for the new decade – while also saving you time and money!

1. Order online with MyAmeriGas.
With a MyAmeriGas online account, you can quickly and easily manage your propane needs anytime, anywhere. Order AmeriGas propane online, view upcoming deliveries, make a payment, and more. (Don’t have a MyAmeriGas account? Create one now!)

2. Upgrade your outdoor experience.
Looking for ways to upgrade your outdoor space? AmeriGas can warm up your backyard for entertaining, cookouts, or even just relaxing at home. And with propane appliances such as patio heaters, fire pits, mosquito traps, and pool and spa heaters, you can comfortably enjoy your outdoor space any time of year.

3. Enroll in Automatic Delivery.
With free Automatic Delivery from AmeriGas, we’ll be there before you need us! We’ll monitor your propane use and automatically schedule your deliveries. Eliminate the hassle of checking your tank gauge or calling for a refill. Enroll today!

4. Upgrade your indoor experience.
When it comes to improving the ambiance in your home, an indoor fireplace is pretty tough to beat. Start off 2020 with a propane fireplace and get warm and cozy without the headaches and high maintenance of a wood-burning fireplace.

They say hindsight is 20/20. But don’t look back later this year and regret that you didn’t start 2020 the way you wished. Get moving on these great ways to improve (and enjoy) how you use propane in your home. Need help taking that first step? Contact us today!