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A Day in the Life: AmeriGas Bobtail Driver

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Have you ever wanted to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day; to learn what it would be like to spend one day doing something different? How about checking out what a day in the life of an AmeriGas bobtail driver would be like? Pretty cool, huh? I interviewed AmeriGas bobtail driver Teri Parker recently. Check out our conversation below.

AmeriGas bobtail driver Teri Parker in Colorado.

How do you start your day?

I come into work and we have a Team Meeting where we discuss safety and the events of the coming day. While it sounds dry, it isn’t: we laugh, bond and often come up with new ways to get our jobs done.

What is your favorite part of your day?

The privilege of delivering in Colorado where I get to meet a great variety of people and animals. Just the other day, I stopped by a herd of elk and just watched for a moment. Going to a customer’s house where you know the dogs who all come out to be pet and have some treats (if allowed).

What was your most memorable delivery?

I discovered a nest of eggs that had been laid by a robin in one of my tanks; three little eggs. It was so cold out they would not have survived exposure, so I created a wind block under the tank and proceeded to go about my job. When done, I replaced the eggs and wrote my excitement about the find on the customer’s ticket. The next time I delivered propane, the eggs had hatched and there were baby birds! The homeowner was so appreciative I had saved them. I know it worked because this year there were four eggs. The mama bird liked AmeriGas so she stayed!

What is your favorite thing about being a bobtail driver? 

I have had experience driving concrete mixers, construction equipment, OTR vehicles and passenger units, but the bobtail makes it easier (snow makes everything hard!) to get the maneuverability to where the tank to be filled and be safe while filling it. This is my all-time favorite vehicle for fast, on-time delivery equipment.

What was the most challenging delivery you had?

I had a new customer who was out of gas in the mountains and wanted 200 gallons. The hook-up was 200 feet directly downhill from the truck. I was parked above, had to get all my tools, go down to start the fill, then had to crawl up a straight incline of snow to check my meter.

When people find you drive a bobtail, what is their initial reaction?

They seem to be stunned and amazed; though I’m really not sure why. They quickly get used to it though because I have been trained to do my job well.

How many deliveries do you typically make in a day?

If it is just a regular bobtail delivery and propane tank filling, about 10 per day.