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Communities Working Together

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Since the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 hit home in the United States, communities across the nation have been coming together to support one another through these trying times. Many of our first responders have been testing patients around the clock at outdoor/drive through testing sites. For a large portion of the country, spring and summer temperatures have yet to hit, leaving many of these first responders out in the cold. Last week, the average temperature in Worcester, Massachusetts was 38 degrees. 

With the flexibility and quick installation of propane, AmeriGas employees have been partnering with testing sites throughout our communities to help set up temporary heaters to keep these frontline workers warm from the elements. Propane requires no grid hookups and many of these testing sites are popping up in locations like school parking lots, outside hospitals, closed parks, etc. making propane the easy temporary heating solution. Below are a few other facilities that have partnered with AmeriGas to provide uninterrupted propane service safely and reliably to our communities during this time of need. 

Cotton Logistics

Cotton Logistics is an emergency response and remote facility logistic company with locations throughout Texas. They contacted the New Orleans AmeriGas district Monday, March 23rd. CRR, Yvonne, immediately contacted STSR, Kevin Pickett and started the ball rolling. Cotton Logistics, working with the State of Louisiana and the City of New Orleans, is setting up facilities to assist quarantined New Orleans residents. The facilities include shower stations, food trailers and washer/dryer stations. Cotton Logistics made several changes to their initial location request, as this is a fluid situation. Larry and our New Orleans team did an excellent job safely and quickly adjusting schedules to meet this community's need. This is a wonderful example of AmeriGas delivering on our responsibility to employees, customers and community. 

Louisiana Housing Facilities

On Monday, March 23rd, the local AmeriGas Propane office in New Orleans, Louisiana received an urgent phone call from an emergency response and remote logistics company. With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the emergency response company had partnered with local officials to help set up temporary facilities for quarantined residents. These facilities included shower stations, food trailers and access to washer/dryers – all of which needed a flexible and immediate power source. The obvious solution was propane. The emergency response company and AmeriGas came together quickly and efficiently to help their community in need. We thank our Local AmeriGas Team in New Orleans for their quick response and assistance during these trying times.