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AmeriGas Has an Ice Road Truck

AmeriGas Ice Road Truck
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You may have seen tractor-trailer drivers braving Alaska’s ice road on the History Channel’s popular television show Ice Road Truckers, but did you know AmeriGas also has an ice road truck?

Arctic-equipped to drive Alaska’s 414-mile gravel haul road and beyond onto frozen spans of the Beaufort Sea in the winter, AmeriGas’ ice road truck is 71 feet long from end to end and can haul in excess of 10,000 gallons of propane.

All fluids in the tanker are heated including the gas tank and gas lines to prevent the fuel from freezing in the below-zero temperatures and blustery weather common to winters on Alaska’s Northern Slope. It also comes with an auxiliary heater in the cab to keep the driver warm if the engine ever shuts down.

This tractor is equipped with 1,850 pounds of torque and a 600-horsepower engine to climb the Dalton Highway’s steep grades and safely and reliably deliver propane from Fairbanks, AK, to the remote oil field camps past Prudhoe Bay. The truck is equipped with puncture-resistant rock tires and rear locking differentials on its rear axles to give it added traction on the haul road’s rough terrain.

Put into service in January 2011, it has been used to make deliveries to the Kenai Peninsula, which is known to have some of the most extreme weather conditions in Alaska, as well as the Palmer and Anchorage areas.