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AmeriGas Billing Made Easy

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Nobody likes paying bills.  It can be one of those unpleasant tasks in life.  At AmeriGas, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible.  Today we’re going to cover our billing from reading the statements to making payments.

How to Read Your Bill

We have comprehensive sections on reading your bill on the website for both residential and commercial customers, so I won’t rehash everything.  The links above will help you find more information on how to read the bill, important terms and where to find important account information.  There are three types of bills:

  • Invoices are for customers that pay per delivery.
  • Statements are for customers with multiple locations or have multiple transactions within a month.
  • Monthly Statements are for customers that make monthly payments with our SmartPay or AmeriGuard programs.

Additionally, you can find information on fees, the current Terms and Conditions and your payment options in the sections linked above.

Making Payments

We’ve also tried to make paying for your propane as simple as possible.  Again, we have a great page detailing all of your payment options.  For commercial (business) accounts, click you can go here.  AmeriGas is the leader in the propane industry by being the first company to allow you to pay your bills online.

We’re continuing to refine and improve our online payment system today.  We’re in the middle of transitioning our customers to a new system that will have added features.  When you click on one of the online billing links, you’ll be taken to a page that will help you go to the right website for our online billing.  Enter the first four digits of your account number (found in the top center portion of your bill).  Important:  If you have been using the old website and are now prompted to use the new website, you’ll need to re-register to continue to make payments online and manage your account.  Be sure to bookmark the new page as well.

We’re in the process of making the new website even more user-friendly.  Having problems with our online billing?  Contact your local office and they’ll help you get sorted out.  Thank you for your patience through this transition!