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Welcome To Winter Grilling Season

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If this cold weather has you thinking it’s the end of grilling season, think again! If you can’t imagine life without your delicious grilled food, we have tips for you diehard winter grillers.

Winter grilling is not as simple as just throwing a few burgers on the grill and braving the elements. So we have provided some basic tips to get you started and keep you safe.

Clean out the snow around your grilling space to help efficiently preheat the grill and prevent slippery conditions.

Let the grill warm up for about 5 minutes longer than usual. With colder temperatures, it takes longer to heat the air in and around the grill.

Avoid windy conditions, and look for a grilling space near a windbreak of some kind. The wind will blow the heat you need for cooking away.

Keep the lid closed as much as possible. Every time you open the grill, cold air rushes into the cooking space and will need to reheat once the lid is closed again.

Dress for the weather, but avoid hanging fabrics such as scarfs that could catch fire.

When you are gearing up for some winter cookouts, always make sure you are following our safety guidelines when handling AmeriGas propane. It is a good idea to check for gas leaks before you fire up that grill.