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Lets Talk Turkey Grill or Fry Your Thanksgiving Feast

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Whether you continue family traditions with passed down recipes and rituals from generations before, or like to try new dishes and delights every year, Thanksgiving is one of the best days to dine in! Have you ever considered grilling your Turkey? Here are some reasons to nibble it over…

• Takes around the same amount of time to grill the turkey as it does to oven cook it.

• Grilling the turkey leaves your oven open for cooking more of your favorite side dishes!

• Final result is juicy and tender and delicious!

Grilled Turkey (courtesy of
Or if you really want to spice it up, try deep frying your turkey this Thanksgiving. If you have a deep fryer that is propane operated, here are some turkey tips:
Heat the peanut oil in your deep fryer to 350 degrees
BE CAREFUL! The oil gets HOT!
Slowly lower the turkey into fryer and make sure the entire turkey is completely submerged
Fry your turkey 3 minutes per pound plus an additional 5 minutes overall for the bird

The above two cooking options bring a whole new meaning to the phrase For the Birds! If you decide to try either of the above alternative to tradition options and have any additional advice, feel free to leave us a comment.

Good Gobble Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!