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Grilled Spring Cocktail: Grilled Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita

Grilling with AmeriGas Grilled Pineapple Margarita
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Looking for a way to start grilling season? AmeriGas has you covered with this delicious grilled cocktail!

1 cup silver tequila
1 jalapeno sliced into rings

1 1/2 oz . jalapeno infused tequila
1/2 oz . triple sec
2 1- inch thick slice of grilled pineapple chilled
3 tbsp fresh lime juice (juice of 1 lime)
2 tbsp agave to taste
3/4 cup water
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Crushed ice
Grilled pineapple and lime wedges for garnish
Citrus salt or kosher salt for rimming your glass

Add the tequila and jalapeno to a clean, lidded container. Shake to combine and allow the flavors to meld for 12-24 hours, depending on how spicy you'd like it. Once the flavor has developed to your liking, strain the jalapenos and discard.

The tequila will keep for up to 1 year. I like to store mine in the freezer.

Cut your pineapple into 1 inch thick rings, discarding the rind and removing the core.
Preheat your grill to medium-high and oil it lightly. Grill your pineapple for 4-5 minutes on each side, until you get nice grill marks and it begins to soften slightly.
Place the grilled pieces in a bowl and allow cooling completely in the refrigerator.
Add the jalapeno infused tequila, triple sec, 2 slices of the grilled and chilled pineapple (and any juices that have accumulated in the bowl), lime juice, agave, vanilla extract and water to the blender. Blend until smooth, and then strain through a fine mesh sieve to remove the pulp from the pineapple.

To salt the rim, run a lime slice or pineapple wedge around the lip of your glass and dip into salt to cover.

Add crushed ice to your glass, pour in your margarita mixture, and garnish with extra grilled pineapple or lime wedges.

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