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Five Ways to Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Turkey

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We all know there are a lot of advantages to grilling your Thanksgiving turkey: You have additional oven space, the smokiness adds some extra flavor, and the heat is distributed more evenly. But when it comes to grilling your Thanksgiving bird, there are more benefits than meets the eye. Enjoying the crisp November air while hanging out by the grill adds a fun and exciting twist to the traditional Thanksgiving agenda. But why stop there? Keep the ball rolling by experimenting with some new turkey grilling recipes this Thanksgiving!

SPATCHCOCK TURKEY. Spatchcocking a turkey involves removing the backbone, which allows the turkey to lay flat on the grill. One of the major benefits associated with the spatchcock method revolves around the cook time. Oven roasted turkeys can take over five hours to cook, whereas a spatchcocked turkey takes—on average—an hour and a half. The spatchcock method also allows the turkey to cook more evenly, since the height of the turkey is leveled out. The even height of a spatchcocked turkey is also ideal for marinating your Thanksgiving bird.

DRUNKEN TURKEY. A new spin on the beer-can chicken, this drunken turkey is sure to be the star of your Thanksgiving meal. Although this recipe is simple to prepare, your bird will be cooked to perfection. You can expect your meat to be unbelievably juicy and bursting with spicy-sweet flavor.

BACON-WRAPPED TURKEY. The bacon trend is thriving now more than ever. From bacon-flavored soda to bacon-inspired apparel, it’s pretty clear our nation has become obsessed—so why not encrust your Thanksgiving turkey with everyone’s favorite meat? Complete this showstopper with cornbread stuffing and this masterpiece is bound to be a hit at your Thanksgiving feast.

CAJUN-STYLE TURKEY. Add a little spice to Thanksgiving this year with a Cajun-styled bird. Inspired by good ol’ New Orleans, this Bourbon Street bird gets its flavor from a spiced butter and beer injection. Not only does the injection add some kick to the turkey, but it also ensures the meat is left juicy.

CRANBERRY STUFFED TURKEY. Perfect for smaller Thanksgiving feasts, these cranberry-stuffed breasts are a delicious alternative to preparing an entire Thanksgiving bird. The meat will be perfectly moist and tender, while the cornbread stuffing adds a unique spin on traditional Thanksgiving flavor.

What’s your favorite turkey grilling recipe? Share it with us in the comments section below!