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    AmeriGas Propane

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    Enjoy living in an all-AmeriGas Propane home

    When natural gas isn’t available, propane fuels your home with the same comfort and reliability while offering significant advantages over electricity and oil. Propane can be used to power a variety of appliances within your home. From furnaces and boilers to heat your entire home, to water heaters and stoves, propane provides exceptional comfort and efficiency. For comfort and service you can count on, choose AmeriGas as your propane provider.

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    Home Essentials

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    Keep Your Home Warm With AmeriGas Propane

    Heating with propane can improve the overall comfort and efficiency of your home. Propane heats your home faster and maintains the warmth longer than electric or fuel oil, allowing you to potentially reduce your energy bill.

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    Hot Water

    Propane water heaters give you more hot water at a more affordable price. Compared to electric, energy-efficient propane water heaters can reduce your energy costs significantly. Investing in a tankless propane water heater can reduce your costs by up to 50% a year!

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    Propane Powered Fireplace

    Propane powered space heaters produce fewer air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions than oil-burning space heaters. Offering a 99.9% efficiency rating, propane space heaters will save you money!

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    Propane Generator

    Generators that run on propane typically require less maintenance than generators powered by diesel or gasoline. Propane burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel, which results in less engine wear and lower maintenance costs.

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    Other Applications


    Professional chefs prefer cooking with gas over electric, so it’s no surprise that homeowners do too! 

    Propane-powered ovens and ranges provide a number of advantages over electric options, including performance and safety. One major advantage of propane cooking is that it offers more precise temperature control than electric, which means perfectly cooked meals every time!


    It’s time to start drying your clothes more efficiently and with the reduced likelihood of damage!

    Propane-powered clothes dryers outperform electric models in energy efficiency, drying time and garment protection. Propane clothes dryers also feature the latest in performance technology.

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