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    The Business of AmeriGas
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    All you need to know about propane in one place.

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    Explore the inner workings of the nation's largest propane supplier.

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    About AmeriGas

    About AmeriGas

    With AmeriGas, you get more than just a propane supplier—you also get a propane expert and partner.

    Since 1959, our vision has been to provide you with the safest, most reliable and most responsive propane service in the nation. We use the size of our organization to your advantage every day, while staying true to our grass roots by offering the friendly smiles and personal attention found only at local family businesses.

    AmeriGas in the Community

    Support With A Smile

    School Days Powered by AmeriGas

    The AmeriGas School Days Program offers schools a $0.02 per gallon incentive.

    Through the School Days Program, AmeriGas will give your school up to $2,000 per year to purchase items for any school-related need with funds earned from the School Day Program. Schools have purchased books, computers, sports equipment, band equipment, art materials and much more! Once your school is registered for the program, you can bring your AmeriGas receipts to school and deposit them into the School Days Receipt Box—it’s that simple! AmeriGas will total the gallons on the deposited receipts and pay $0.02 per gallon, up to a maximum of $2,000 per year!

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    Community Care With AmeriGas

    With the Community Care Program, qualifying organizations earn $0.02 per gallon based on your members’ propane usage.

    Your organization can earn up to $2,000 per calendar year through our Community Care program! Best of all, our Community Care program is virtually hassle-free. Simply collect and submit your members’ original AmeriGas propane receipts to participate. Whether your membership is large or small, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the gallons add up to additional money for your organization. Organizations have used the funds from the Community Care Program to offset operating expenses, fund new project initiatives, invest in employee training and development, and much more!

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    AmeriGas Careers

    AmeriGas is committed to hiring the best and providing the fuel for their careers.

    Our 8,500 employees truly are what drives our company’s success. If you think you are ready for a career that is both rewarding and challenging, check out the opportunities we have available in your area.

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    Community Events

    AmeriGas Community Commitment

    Giving back to the communities we serve is near and dear to our hearts.

    Each year, our locations across the country host events, drives, and fundraisers to benefit our local communities. Select learn more below to view events in your area.

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    Acquisition Program


    When it is time to make hard decisions, you want a partner you can trust.

    With the financial, personnel, and distribution resources of America's largest propane company, business owners trust AmeriGas to provide unmatched advantages when considering the sale of their business.

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    Our Leadership Team

    Leadership By Example

    Meet the visionaries that keep us driving every day.

    Our executive team inspires our 8,500 employees to grow our business while leading our industry in safety and service. Meet the visionaries that keep us driving every day.

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