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MyAmeriGas FAQs

Manage your AmeriGas account online, with MyAmeriGas!

Once you register for your MyAmeriGas account, you'll have the option to view or pay bills, change personal information, schedule deliveries, and manage your preferences - including opting into text messages, enrolling in paperless billing, enabling Auto Pay, and more.

Below you will find common questions to help you navigate your online account.

I have linked my accounts under one online account. Can I view information for multiple accounts at once?
Only information for one account or one delivery location will be displayed at a time. To select the account or delivery location you wish to review, select “Manage” next to the location on the “Account Center” page. To view a different account or location, select the “Change Location” button in the top left corner to return to the “Account Center” page.
How do I create an online account?

In order to register your MyAmeriGas account online, you will need your account number.

Customers can find their account number on their paper bill, or by calling customer service at 1-800-263-7442. Once you are registered, you will also be able to find your account number throughout your online account.

Once you have your account number, setting up your account is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Identify yourself. The first step requires your account number and your zip code.

  2. Verify. In this step you will provide your name, phone number, and email address to confirm the account information.

  3. Setup. Your email address will serve as your USERNAME and in this step you will set your password and security questions.

That's it! Once your setup is complete, you'll review and accept the Online Terms of Use, and be able to enjoy all the conveniences of our online self-service.

How do I delete my online account?

To delete your account, select edit on the "My Profile" page. This action will only delete your online account and does not cancel your propane service. Please note, deleting your online account will not turn off Automatic Payments.

How do I reset my password?
If you forget your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link on the “Login” page. You will be prompted to provide the email address associated with your online account. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
What is my username or ID?
Your user ID is your email. If you don't recall the email you used to set up your account, you can verify your account with our customer service department by calling in and we can confirm the email address linked to your online account.
Where do I find my AmeriGas account number?

The account number can also be found on your paper bill. The number on the invoice left at delivery is NOT your account number. If you cannot locate the account number, we can provide it you by calling customer service at 1-800-263-7442. Once you have created a MyAmeriGas online account you will also be able to access your account number anytime using your online account.

Please note that for customers who became a customer through the "Get a Quote" process online, the email and password you set up during the quote process are your MyAmeriGas login credentials, and you should simply be able to log in without registering or entering your account number.

How do I pay my bill online?

You can pay your AmeriGas bill online, easily! Start by visiting and logging into your online account. If you do not already have an online account you can quickly create one using your account number and zip code. Once logged in, use the "Pay Bill" link at the top of the screen or the blue "Pay Bill Now" button on your account homepage. Next you will be alerted that you will be moved to a third party site to make payments, use the blue "Continue" button to continue. From there, under the "Open Bills" tab select your outstanding bill and click "Pay Bill". You will be also be able to look at your payment history and invoices from this screen.

Can I make a payment if I do not have an invoice to pay?
Yes, you can make a payment on your account without an invoice if you have received at least one invoice from the company in the past and you have saved a payment method on your account. Select the red “Pay Account” button. You will be prompted to choose your payment method, enter your payment amount, the payment date, and a reason for your payment. Select “Next” to review and confirm your payment information. To submit your payment, select the “Authorize” button.
Can I receive a confirmation email when I make a payment?
Yes, you can select to receive payment confirmation emails. To add an email notification, click on “View Invoices” button and then select the “Settings Tab” at the top of the page. Click on “Notification Settings” and select the email notifications you would like to receive by checking the appropriate checkboxes.
Can I save more than one payment method to my online account?
Yes, you can save multiple credit cards or bank accounts to your online account. You can add a payment method by clicking “Pay Bill” or “View Invoice” to access online billing. Once you have accessed online billing, select “Settings” from the top menu and click on “Payment Settings.” To add a payment method select “Payment Accounts,” and add and save your credit card or bank account information.
Can I schedule a payment for a future date?

Yes, you can schedule a payment for a future date. Once you select the invoice you would like to pay, click “Pay Bills.” In the “Payment Details” screen, click on the payment date and select a date from the calendar.

Can I use the same payment method for multiple or linked accounts?

Yes, you can use the same payment method for multiple accounts. Online billing will display the invoices for all your linked accounts. You will need to select each account individually to view that accounts invoice.

Can I view my bill online?

Yes. You can view up to 24 months of invoice history online.

Do I have to create an online account to make an online payment?
You must register for an online account in order to make a payment online. For other payment options please visit or contact us at 1-800-263-7442 where you can pay by phone or through a customer service representative.
Do I have to make my monthly payment if I have a credit on my account?
Yes. Even if you have a credit balance on your account, you need to make your monthly payments in order to remain on your program. The goal of the budget pay program is to build a credit on your account to apply toward future deliveries made during the program year. The program is designed to spread the annual cost of propane over the term of the contract.  
Do I have to pay my invoice if I have a credit on my Pre Buy contract?
Yes. As a Pre-Buy customer you may receive invoices for items not included in your contract, such as service, which are due on the date specified on the invoice. You can see your bill  in detail by going to the All Account Activity screen and selecting "View Invoice". 
How can I tell if I have Auto Pay enabled in my online account?

Your Auto-Pay election can be viewed in the account summary page as "on" or "off". You can follow the prompts in payment setting to change your AutoPay election.

How can I view the price per gallon for current or past deliveries?

Price per gallon can be found in the detail of your bill. To view this, go to the "Account Activity" page and "View Details". 

You can view the price per gallon for your prior deliveries by accessing your invoice history. Select “View Invoice” from the “Account Summary” page to access online billing. Click on the “Closed” tab to view your invoice history. Click on the pdf icon in order to view a detailed copy of your invoice.

How do I cancel or modify a scheduled payment?

To cancel or modify a scheduled payment, click on the “Payment History” tab and select “Modify” or “Cancel” under the Action column.

How do I pay a different amount than the amount due on my invoice?
You may make a payment in any amount. Simply click the “Pay Bill” or “View Invoice” button to access online billing. In the “Open” tab, select the invoice you’d like to pay and click the red “Pay Bills” button. Under the “Pay Amount” column, enter the amount you’d like to pay and select “Next” to authorize your payment. Once the payment is processed, the amount paid will reflect your payment amount, however, the invoice will not immediately move to the closed tab. Payments made online will not be reflected online for 24 hours.
How do I sign up for Auto Pay?
You can sign up for Auto Pay by clicking “Pay Bill Now” or “View Invoice” to access online billing. Once you have accessed online billing, select “Settings” from the top menu and click on “Payment Settings.” To add a payment method select “Payment Accounts,” add and save your credit card or bank account information. Then click on “Auto Pay Settings” to select from the drop down menu which of your saved payment methods you would like to use for Auto Pay. After you have reviewed the Terms and Conditions, select the check box above the save button and then hit save to enable Auto Pay on your account.
How do I sign up for Convenience Pay or Automatic Delivery?
Eligible customers can sign up for Automatic Delivery or Convenience Pay online in their MyAmeriGas account.  You can enroll in Automatic Delivery by selecting the "enroll in Automatic Delivery" button within the Tanks and Deliveries section. The Offers and Promotions selection will show Convenience Pay if it is available to you. Both of these options may require credit terms.
How do I sign up for Paperless (electronic) Invoices?
Online users are defaulted to paperless billing. If you are not already defaulted, you can sign up for paperless (electronic) invoices by clicking “Pay Bill Now” or “View Invoice” to access online billing. Once you’ve accessed online billing, select “Settings” from the top menu and click on “Notification Settings” and then uncheck “Receive a paper bill” under the “Paper Setting” section.
How do I view a scheduled payment?
You can view your scheduled payments under the “Payment History” tab. Only payments you have scheduled online will display as “scheduled.” If you are an AutoPay customer, your payment will process automatically on the invoice due date. Please note that If you have scheduled a payment for an invoice, your payment will process on the scheduled payment date. The invoice will remain in the “Open” tab until the invoice due date. The amount paid will reflect your payment amount once your payment is processed. 
How long does it take for Auto Pay changes to show up in my account?
If you've made updates to Auto Pay or Paperless billing and it isn't showing on your account yet, that is because it takes 24 hours to reflect on your account.
How much of my Pre-Buy have I used?
The amount listed next to “Amount of Invoices Applied to Date” on the “Program Details” page is the total amount of your Pre-Buy Deposit used this year.
I am having trouble paying my bill or viewing an invoice. Why won't it work?
First, ensure you are using a supported browser. We currently support Internet Explorer 11, and current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The “Pay Bill Now” or “View Invoice” buttons will launch online billing in a new window. Please check your computer’s pop-up settings and allow pop-ups for this website. The new window may also open behind another window. Verify if any other windows are open that are not immediately visible. If your troubleshooting efforts do not solve the issue, please try again later or contact customer service for assistance.
Why aren't I receiving email notifications when I have a new bill?

Please verify the email address associated with your online account is correct. You can view and modify your email address by selecting “User Profile” from the account menu. To add an email notification, click on “View Invoices” and then select the “Settings” tab at the top of the page. Click on “Notification Settings” and select the email notifications you would like to receive by checking off the appropriate checkboxes.

Why isn't my recent online payment showing in my account?
Online payments will be reflected on your online account up to 48 hours after payment is made. To verify your payment has been submitted, select pay bill or view invoices and review your payment information within the payment history tab.
I have a Pre-Buy contract but cannot view my information in my account. Why?
Your Pre-Buy program information will only display if you have a current Pre-Buy contract. Your Pre-Buy contract will expire when all of your Pre-Buy deposit is used or on the expiration date of the contract, whichever comes first.
I received an email notification but the amount due is displayed as $0.00. Do I owe anything?

If you receive a notification regarding a new invoice, please login to your online account and view your unpaid invoices to confirm your balance. By selecting "Account Activity" you can view all billing activity. To view your complete invoice pdf, select view invoices or pay bill now.

If I delete my online account will my Auto Pay also be deleted?
Deleting your online account will not turn off AutoPay. If you'd like to delete your online account AND turn off autopay, please disable your AutoPay prior to deleting your online account.
Is there a fee for paying online?
No. You can pay your bill online with no fees, including setting up automatic payments with AutoPay. 
Why aren't my updates to Paperless Billing or Auto Pay showing?
Please allow 24 hours for changes to your Paperless billing or Auto Pay status to reflect on your account. 
What are the Adjustments listed on my Program Details page?
The Adjustments listed on your “Program Details” page is the amount of existing credit on your account which has been included in your current Pre-Buy contract. You can review all of your billing and payment information by selecting "View All Account Activity" from the Account Summary screen.
What is Auto Pay?

Auto-Pay, or Automatic Payment, uses a saved credit card or bank account to automatically pay your invoices without you logging in or scheduling a payment. Auto-Pay charges your credit card or bank account the day your invoice is due.

What is included in my Pre Buy contract?

Your Pre-Buy contract only includes propane delivery charges, including applicable taxes and fees.

Where can I find information on my Pre Buy Deposit?
You will find the details on your Pre Buy Deposit, including what you started with and what remains, on the Program Details Page.
Where can I view my payment history?
You can view your payment history, along with all other billing activity, on the Account Summary page by viewing all Account Activity. Account activity and  history can be viewed online for 24 months.
Why are my account and invoice balances different?

The Account Balance displayed on the “All Account Activity” screen shows your current account balance, including all outstanding charges, recent payments, and credits. Invoices display your balance as of the date the invoice was generated. Other activities may have occurred on your account since an invoice was generated and will be reflected in your account balance shown on the All Account Activity Page.

Why did I receive a pop up message showing an invalid payment amount?
If you receive an error stating the payment  you are trying to make is negative or $0.00, a payment may already be scheduled in online billing for the invoice you’ve selected to pay. To see if a payment is scheduled, select “Payment History” from the top of the page.
Why is my next monthly payment different from the previous one?

Per your Convenience Pay agreement, your payment may adjust up or down every 90 days based on your propane usage. Adjustments are made so you may enjoy the convenience of monthly payments while avoiding large heating bills during heating season. 

AmeriGuard isn't adjusted on a specific frequency but may be periodically adjusted to avoid the possibility a large settle-up payment or credit at the end of your current plan year.

If I have multiple tank locations, will my account balance reflect the total for all my tank locations?
Yes, the balance information displayed on the “Account Summary” page will be the balance of all your tank locations. Please note, this does not apply to multiple accounts which have been linked for access under one user ID or login.
Can I place an emergency or expedited delivery online?
Expedited or emergency orders cannot be placed online at this time. Please call customer service at 800-263-7442 to discuss an emergency delivery or expedited delivery request. An additional fee may apply for expedited or emergency deliveries.
Can I request a delivery online if I'm enrolled in automatic delivery?
Customers with automatically scheduled deliveries do not need to place an order, our system automatically generates your delivery order. You can view your scheduled deliveries by selecting “Deliveries/Scheduled Deliveries”. If you are in need of a delivery in addition to what would normally be scheduled, please call customer service at 1-800-263-7442.
Can I place an order online for propane delivery?
Yes, eligible customers can request a propane delivery online. If you are eligible to request a delivery online, you will see the "Request A Delivery" option within the Deliveries menu. If you do not see this option, please contact customer service to request a delivery. Note: If you already have an open order, you will not see an option to place an additional order.
Can I view or download my delivery history online?
The system will default to showing the last 12 months of your delivery history, but you can actually view deliveries up to 30 months of activity. Simply change the amount of delivery history displayed by changing the date range at the top of the “Delivery History” page. Additionally, you can download your delivery history by using the "export to Excel" feature on the Delivery History page.
How do I cancel or modify and existing delivery order?
To cancel or modify an existing online or telephone delivery order, please call our customer service agents at 1-800-263-7442 or chat with us, online.
What information can I view in the "My Deliveries" section of my online account?
The Scheduled Deliveries page displays any existing, undelivered (open) delivery order on your account.  If you are enrolled in Automatic delivery, system-generated delivery requests will appear in this tab. If you have recently requested a delivery via IVR, phone or online, your delivery order will be displayed here. After a delivery occurs, these deliveries can be viewed in the “Delivery History” tab.
What should I do if I'm an Automatic Delivery customer but am worried about running out before my delivery?

If you’re an Automatic Delivery customer, confirm on the "Account Summary" or "Scheduled Deliveries" pages that you have a delivery pending. If an order is listed, we are working to fulfill your order and a delivery is scheduled or in the process of being scheduled. If you do not have an order listed and your current tank % is <10%, please contact customer service at 1-800-263-7442 for an urgent delivery. Please ask the office to review your usage factors for scheduling automatic deliveries to improve the accuracy of the system going forward.

What is my delivery timeframe?
If you place your order online, you will receive an email confirmation and a delivery window (date range) will display in  your online account. If you are an automatic delivery customer, this window will not show online, but if you elect to receive text messages from us in your online preferences, you will receive a text message confirmation within a few days of your delivery.
Why did I receive an error after confirming my delivery request?
If you request a delivery online and receive an error after confirming your delivery request, it is likely that your order did not go through. Please contact customer service at 800-263-7442. 
Why don't I see my delivery history in my account?
Most customers are able to view deliveries online. If your deliveries are not being displayed, there may be a technical issue or your account might not support the display of this information. You may try again later or call customer service at 1-800-263-7442 to request delivery information.
I have different accounts for different locations, can I link multiple accounts?
Yes, you can link multiple accounts under one user ID or login. Select the “Link a location” button and enter the account number and billing zip code for any locations you’d like to add to this user ID or login.
Can I update my billing address?
To update your billing address, please contact us. You can submit a request, chat, or contact us by phone at 1-800-263-7442. Any changes to delivery address update need to go to our customer service center directly.
How do I update my contact information?

Under "My Account", select the "My Contacts" option. From that page you can add or remove contacts, update personal information and preferences, and associate contacts with different accounts.

How do I update my security questions?

You can update your security questions on the “User Profile” page.  On the “User Profile” page, click the blue edit button in the upper right corner and select “Update Security Questions” from the menu.

What happens if I delete my online account but change my mind and want to use MyAmeriGas again?
If you delete your account in error, or deliberately, you can always recreate your online account by re-registering.
What location is linked to my account or user ID?
You can view all of the locations linked to your User ID on the "User Profile" page. 
Why did I get locked out of my account?
For your security, your account will be locked out after 5 unsuccessful attempts to log in. Please use the Forgot Password link if you cannot recall your password. If you are unsure of your user name, it will be the email address associated with your account. 
How is my tank level estimated?
AmeriGas uses predictive software that takes into account the appliances that you use in your home as well as weather. Prior use may also be used as part of the equation. If you are a customer set up for automatic delivery, we will automatically generate an order for you when we estimate your tank level to be at a certain percentage. (Typically 30%, but can vary.)
Should my estimated and actual tank percentages match?

Yes, within 10%. Our system compensates for variations based on usage, the propane appliances in your home, combined with current weather patterns, to ensure timely deliveries are made. If you are an automatic delivery customer and notice a discrepancy and are not in danger of running out of propane, you may update your actual percentage yourself, within your MyAmeriGas online account.  If the displayed estimated level is significantly lower than your actual tank level, please contact customer service to discuss adjusting the factors used by our system to improve the accuracy of the system going forward. 

What does "tank owner" mean?
The propane equipment on your property is either leased and owned by AmeriGas (Company Owned), or owned by you (Customer Owned). If Company Owned Equipment displays on the “Tank Information” page, you lease the tank on your property. If Customer Owned Equipment displays on the “Tank Information” page, you own the tank on your property.
What is Tank Rental?
When the tank is owned by AmeriGas and leased to the customer, you agree to pay annual tank rent during the period the leased equipment is installed at your residence. The amount of the rent can vary by geography and may be affected by, among other things, the size of the tank(s) and your actual annual usage.
Where can I view the estimated tank percent for automatic delivery?
Automatic delivery Customers can view the estimated tank level that is used to trigger their deliveries on the "Account Summary" page as well as the “Tank Information” page.
Which internet browsers are supported?
Internet Explorer version 11 or later and current versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari are supported.
Why am I receiving an error when I try to login?
If you receive an error message or blank page when trying to login to your account, please verify you are using a supported web browser. We currently support Internet Explorer 11, and current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If you are using a supported browser, check your internet connection, refresh your page, or try back later.