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The All AmeriGas Home

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AmeriGas provides consumer propane services to more than one million people just like you, including: propane home heating, propane water heating, and propane for drying clothes. Tour our propane home to experience all the dynamic uses for AmeriGas Propane.

Here are some of the highlights:

Lighting: Add security with propane outdoor lighting
Warm up any room with a clean, propane fireplace
Heating: Save on your fuel & operating costs with propane heating
Cook with precise temperatures and even heat distribution
Generator: Get reliable stand-by energy from a propane generator
Grilling: Cook safely and more efficiently with grills that heat up and cool down more quickly
Space Heater:
Warm any space with a propane space heater
Tankless Hot Water Heater: Enjoy endless hot showers with a propane tankless water heater
Clothes Dryer: Dry your laundry more efficiently and with less energy resources than electric dryers
Hot Tub: Heat your hot tub faster with a propane heater than with an electric heater
Pool: Extend your pool use further with a propane gas heater
Landscaping: Preserve your landscaping with an underground tank

Propane is truly exceptional energy. Not only does it power your home comfortably, affordably and safely, it also helps protect the environment. Approved as an alternative fuel by the Clean Air Act of 1990, propane is one of the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels. Propane is also non-toxic, so it is not harmful to soil or water. And, because propane appliances are typically more energy efficient than electric appliances, you use less of the earth’s natural energy resources, while also cutting your costs. Going green means protecting the environment… and saving money too!