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AmeriGas Tanks Stand Strong During Hurricane Hermine

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Hurricane Hermine Flooding 

Hurricane Hermine made its presence known last week as it travelled along the East coast, hitting the Hatteras Island area of Outer Banks, NC especially hard. With wind gusts exceeding 80 mph, Hermine pulverized the area for two full days resulting in severe flooding and devastation in the area.

However, there was one bright spot in the midst of all the devastation—AmeriGas! At AmeriGas, we genuinely care about the safety of our customers and employees, which is why we’ve invested heavily in the “Tank Anchoring Project”. The “Tank Anchoring Project” entails driving anchors attached to the tanks into the ground, preventing the tanks from moving during events such as hurricane Hermine.

Brain Brennan, District Manager, stated, “While the cost to AmeriGas has been significant, I believe this weather event is proof that our investment in safety, for our customers and staff, was money well spent”. AmeriGas employees were not the only ones that noticed the impact of the “Tank Anchoring Project”. Brennan stated that he received a call from a customer who “wanted to compliment AmeriGas on anchoring her tanks down”, claiming that she “has seen a lot of tanks floating in her neighborhood, but not one AmeriGas tank”. Brennan wrapped up the conversation with, “Because of our investment in safety, all [of] our customers and tanks on the island are safe”.

This is a prime example that, with AmeriGas, you can rest assure knowing we don’t just say “Safety is Our Highest Priority”; we make it our top priority.