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Transporting Propane Tanks Safely

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Do you know how to safely transport your AmeriGas Propane tank? It is always important to remember these safety tips:

Close tight: Before you load your propane tank (new or used) into your vehicle, be certain that the valve is closed tight and place a cap or plug over the valve outlet.

Store Upright: AmeriGas Propane tanks are equipped with safety valves that operate properly when they are stored upright. Always transport your BBQ propane tank sitting on its base.

Secure: Even a used tank can be hazardous if it tips over and rolls around while in your vehicle. Make certain to always use a safety strap or container to secure your tank. You never know when you might have to make an abrupt stop or hard turn.

At AmeriGas safety is always our highest priority and we want to make sure all of our customers stay safe, from the time you disconnect your tank until the time you reconnect your new one.

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