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Propane Safety Tips in Preparation for Thanksgiving

A person's hand tightening the knob on a propane grill tank
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With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time that we fill up your plate with a few propane safety tips before you give thanks!

Teach all members of your family what propane smells like – the odor is similar to that of a rotten egg.

Have carbon monoxide (CO) detectors installed on every level in your home, paying particular attention to sleeping areas. Maintain them according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Avoid running out of propane. Running your system out of propane can be inconvenient and time consuming. As you prepare for a severe weather event, make sure you have enough propane. If your tank is under 30%, be sure to request a delivery through your MyAmeriGas online account.

Never store or place a propane cylinder in an enclosed area such as a basement or garage. Always store propane cylinders outdoors in an upright position.

Know how to detect and respond to a propane leak. A suspected gas leak—even if you’re not sure—is always to be taken seriously. You must immediately take action for the safety of your home and family. If you smell gas or are experiencing signs of a gas leak immediately exit the premises and contact 800-805-0659 or 9-1-1 for immediate assistance.

Seek assistance from a qualified AmeriGas service technician to safely and properly install, inspect, service, maintain, and prepare your propane equipment.

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