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Heating Tips For the Winter Put Safety First

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A guest blog from Dan Rich, Service Manager, ServiceMark Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

Cold nights signal that the winter weather is not far behind. As our customers (and ourselves) turn on home heaters for the first time this season, what should we all be thinking? It’s more than just the thermostat setting!

Take a few minutes to review what we should be doing to promote the safe operation of the heating system and other appliances in the home and promote efficiency. This involves not only our homes, but the homes of our valued customers.

First and foremost, families should have a licensed and fully trained and insured technician make a complete system safety check and inspection. This not only saves energy and prolongs the equipment life, but often identifies mechanical and safety concerns that could be a big problem later.

Double check and clear any materials or flammables away from the heater or water heater.

Check the furnace air filter and make a note to re-check and replace those “throw-away” filters monthly.

Make sure that the outside intake and exhaust piping from high efficiency gas heating systems and water heaters are free from any obstructions, including children’s toys, tall weeds, shrubbery and more.

Replace the batteries in your smoke detector and thermostat, if applicable.

Replace batteries in CO monitors where needed. Consider buying “long life” batteries and make sure a monitor is located by the heater and near bedrooms.

Remember, everyday common sense is the best tool at your disposal; use it!

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