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Go Green. Save Green with Metro Lawn Propane Conversions

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Everyone is “Going Green” these days – including landscapers, college campuses and local municipalities. Many counties and states now have “Ozone Days” which are declared on hot, sunny, still days when conditions are most favorable for the accumulation of unhealthy levels of ground-level ozone. Ozone Days also prohibit mowing with gasoline-powered mowers.

Did you know that with propane–powered mowers, you can mow anytime of the year, even on Ozone Days? Propane is a clean-burning fuel that substantially reduces greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions – anywhere from 30-90%. Propane also is a clean burning engine fuel, so you’ll have less maintenance and a longer engine life for your mower.

The myth is propane costs more. In almost all cases, propane is about 5% – 15% less expensive than gasoline. Want to find out how much less? You do the math. Check out Metro Lawn’s Fuel Calculator, plug in your information and see what your savings will be. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

Converting a propane mower is simple and Metro Lawn Propane’s team of Alternative Fuel Specialists will work with you to have your conversion done quickly and efficiently. With over 900 retail propane locations across the United States, our professional will set up a propane delivery schedule that works with your business.

A few more bonuses to choosing propane over gasoline:

Propane controls fuel cost.
Propane means no fuel spillage.
Propane eliminates fuel theft.
With propane, there is no fuel contamination.
Propane allows for a longer engine life as it is a clean burning fuel.
Propane requires less engine maintenance.
Propane is produced here in the US, and it reduces our dependency on foreign oil.

Reduce YOUR carbon footprint. Go green and SAVE green with Metro Lawn Propane Conversions. To find out more, contact Jim Coker at (865) 850-2277 or email