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Convert to Propane this Mowing Season!

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Thinking of making the switch to propane for the upcoming mowing season? Vansant’s, a lawnmower sales and service company, now offers Metro Lawn Propane Conversions at their location in Douglasville, GA. Vansant’s sells landscaping equipment– from mowers to arborist supplies – along with service and propane mower conversions.

Vansant’s owner and operator Mark Engram, completed a propane conversion on a re-powered Scag Tiger Cat. Engram was very pleased with ease of the installation and the appearance of the converted mower. Metro Lawn’s team; Chris Heirs, John Byrd, Ralph Poole, and conversion trainer Dave Calver were on site for the conversion and training. Vansant’s is certified on propane conversions and now offers Metro Lawn Propane Conversions on all major brands of equipment.

Metro Lawn, part of AmeriGas, offers training from our experts on propane conversions with ongoing support for all certified trainers, along with propane fuel support. Propane is a clean burning fuel and will reduce operating expenses and maintenance costs. Propane increases fuel savings – propane costs about 10-20% less than gasoline. It also reduces greenhouse emissions up to 70%.
Find out more about Metro Lawn Propane Conversions at Contact our Metro Lawn national account managers to find out your savings when you go green with your mowing needs.

If you are in the Atlanta area and are interested in propane conversions, contact Mark Engram and his professional team at (770) 942-2060. Or go online to