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Summer Propane Essentials

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When most people think of summer propane season, they think of firing up their propane powered grill. (We think grilling is a year-round hobby but we digress…). Did you know propane has a lot of summer, or warm season, applications? Check out a few of our favorite summer propane applications below.

For those cooler summer nights, turn on your propane powered patio heater. Patio heaters are a great way to warm up your outdoor space and come in a variety of styles and sizes, from floor-standing models to tabletop heaters. Patio heaters are available at home improvement stores and can run on a 20lb tank (from AmeriGas Propane Exchange of course). Running on propane, these heaters can increase the outdoor temperature by 10 to 30 degrees, leaving you with a cozy outdoor space to enjoy even when the temperature dips.

Extend your outdoor living space with an outdoor fireplace or hearth. A propane hearth or fireplace is easy to install, low maintenance, and provides a cozy touch to your outdoor space. Fuel your fireplace with clean-burning propane to avoid smoke, soot, and ashes.

Keep your patio or backyard even more comfortable by using a mosquito trap. These small, portable and easy to set-up devices attract mosquitos and other biting bugs, trapping them before they bite you. Utilizing propane mosquito traps will attract and possibly eliminate the mosquito population before they can get to you and your loved ones this summer.

Lastly, propane is the fuel of choice to heat your pool or spa. Why? High efficiency propane pool heaters save you money since they warm pools faster than electric units and maintain the heat in colder conditions. Keep your pool or spa open throughout the summer and into the fall, with a propane pool or spa heater.

No matter what you use propane for, you can count on AmeriGas to deliver reliable, safe, propane service. For more information on propane uses, appliances, and installation, contact us.