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Shake That Fall Chill

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As these last few weeks of summer come upon us we seem to find ourselves wanting to extend the time we spend outdoors. Whether it is grilling up our favorite recipes or hanging around the fire pit with friends and family, we are pushing our time spent outside further and further into the fall season. This is mostly due in part to the dramatic surge in the number of propane powered patio heaters now being used. These provide great heat when the sun sets and enable us to extend the amount of hours we spend outside, even on those brisk summer nights.

Outdoor propane heaters are for the most part portable and use Propane tanks as a fuel source. This makes them ideal for construction sites, backyards, outdoor events and of course, patios. Outdoor propane heaters come in different styles and models and emit heat by convection, forced air or through infrared heating. They vary in capacity, output adjustability, size and capability and can accommodate areas of all different sizes. The two most common heaters are:

Infrared Propane Outdoor Heaters – Similar to infrared space heaters, these units are most commonly seen on patios due to their ability to provide heat in breezy conditions. Stand-up models such as the one pictured above have reflective covers that redirect heat down to the surrounding area. Radiant propane heaters are available in different designs with propane “tank top” heaters being a great solution for small outdoor areas.

Propane Convection Heaters – use cold air from the floor (at the base of the heater) and push the warmed air through the top. No fans are needed in convection heaters as hot air rises and cool air falls. These heaters are mostly used in warehouses, garages and similar indoor/outdoor type work areas.
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