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Holiday Decoration Safety Tips

AmeriGas Holiday Decorating Safety
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Holiday Decoration Safety Tips for the Propane Powered Home

The holiday season is here—the most wonderful time of the year! No matter what holiday you celebrate, it’s important to keep safety in mind while decorating. So before you start trimming the tree and unraveling the lights, here a list of 5 tips to keep in mind to ensure you have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season with your friends and family.

1. Trees
If you decide to go with a real tree this Christmas, make sure your tree is fresh and well-watered. It is important to place your tree away from your heaters, fireplaces, and propane powered appliances like stoves, water heaters, etc. Live trees are highly flammable, due to needles and sap. Real trees aren’t your thing? No problem! Most artificial trees are fire resistant.

2. Lighting
Always be sure to check each set of lights for broken or cracked sockets, regardless how new the lights are. To prevent an electrical fire, never use more than three standard-size sets of lights per extension cord. Be sure to steer clear of electric lights on your metallic tree as they may cause electrocution. Lastly, always remember to turn off all lights when you go to bed or leave the house.

3. Team Work Makes the Dream Work
When decorating the tree and house, make sure to work together as a team. When stringing lights and decorations above your normal reach, make sure you use a proper ladder with someone supporting the base. Safety first!

4. Ornaments & Decorations
It is important to use unbreakable ornaments, especially when you have young children in the house. If you have fragile ornaments or ones that resemble candy or food, place them out of reach of children and pets.

5. Fireplace
It just wouldn’t be the holidays without a cup of hot chocolate and a warm fire to cozy up to. But before you start that fire; be sure to remove all greens, papers and all other decorations in the surrounding area. To avoid a fire hazard, you’ll also want to make sure you keep your fireplace screen closed while the fire is burning. A propane fireplace has all the ambience, none of the flame!

Considering a propane fireplace for your home? Read our blog on the advantages of propane fireplaces. And have a safe and warm holiday with your friends and family!