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Halloween Safety Tips

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Stay safe this Halloween! Remind your little ghouls, goblins, super heroes and fairy princesses to follow these tips and tricks for a safe and happy Halloween.

Trick-or-treat in groups—never alone. An adult should always accompany trick-or-treaters if they are younger. If children do go out without an adult, be sure they travel in a group and only visit familiar homes. Make sure they know their route, and agree to the exact time they will return. Just in case, be sure they have a way to reach you in the event of an emergency.

Street safety
. Never run across the street. Keep your goblins in line and only cross at corners or marked crosswalks. And always look both ways before crossing.

Light up the night. Carry a flashlight or glow stick while trick-or-treating and wear bright and lightly colored costumes to be seen at night. If you don’t have a bright costume, reflective tape works just as well—use it on your costume, trick-or-treats bags, and even your wagon.

Costumes shouldn’t restrict movement or vision. Avoid clothing that dangles or accessories that could make your child trip or fall. Eyeholes in masks can be hard to see out of properly—opt for face paint instead, but make sure there are no skin reactions before applying.

Choose your “weapons” wisely.
Any swords, guns, lasers or similar costume accessories should be rubber or other flexible material to avoid injury if your child falls or plays with another child.

Better safe than sorry.
Make sure to check your kids’ candy before eating. If you notice any tampering, throw away: candy with ripped or open wrappers, unwrapped candy (like candy corn or M&M's), fresh fruit, homemade candy or treats.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!