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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween Safety Sign
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Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween, but not when is comes to our children’s safety. To help ensure adults and children have a safe and happy Halloween, we’ve compiled a list of Halloween Safety Tips for you and your little goblins.

Holding a flashlight or glow stick while trick-or-treating can help you see and help others see you. If you don’t have a bright costume, flashlight, or glowstick, reflective tape works just as well—use it on your costumes, trick-or-treat bags, and even your wagon.
Always travel with an adult or group if children are under the age of 12. Make sure they know their route and agree to the exact time they will return.
Look both ways when crossing the street. Never run across the street and only cross at corners or marked crosswalks.
Limit the amount of treats you eat. You don’t want to ruin your Halloween night by getting sick!
Only enter homes or well-lit houses if you’re with a trusted adult—never accept rides from strangers.
Wear well-fitted costumes, masks, and shoes to avoid blocked vision, trips and falls.
Eat only wrapped candy. If you notice any tampering, throw away: candy with ripped or open wrappers, unwrapped candy.
Examine all treats for choking hazards and tampering before eating them.
Never carry around sharp objects—any swords, guns, lasers or similar costume accessories should be rubber or other flexible material to avoid injury.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!