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One small step for man, one giant leap for AmeriGas!

Space Shuttle
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3, 2, 1…Houston we have lift off!!!  We have some exciting news that is out of this world (literally!) - AmeriGas is pleased to announce that we will be supplying propane for the very FIRST Propane Powered Space Shuttle!  Mission Bobtail is scheduled to depart later this year and our team here at AmeriGas is busy working out the logistics with some of our country’s finest scientist. 

This Shuttle isn’t just headed out for orbit - it’s headed to the Moon! We are very excited to be part of this mission and you can find live coverage here of our research and development lab facilities, face to face meetings with the astronauts, and a first look from the inside of a Propane Powered Space Shuttle! 

We aren’t done with the exciting news just yet - our very own VP & COO, Tony Rosback, will be one of the four astronauts on board. Good luck Tony and be sure to bring back a moon rock for us!

Learn more about this stellar intergalactic exploration!