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The Spirit Of Giving

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Giving back to the communities we service is something both UGI and AmeriGas take very seriously. That is why when UGI and AmeriGas’ corporate headquarters recently held their United Way Campaign, failure to reach our goals wasn’t an option. This annual campaign has been a tradition for almost 30 years and each year the goals get loftier and the employee involvement grows. 

This year’s campaign kicked-off on Thursday, October 1 when Jim Cawley, president and CEO of United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey (UWGPSNJ), came in to speak to our leaders. Jim discussed what our local chapter of the United Way is doing, where they are headed and why they need our help. Jim’s heartfelt message resonated amongst our leadership and it was a great motivator for them to not only donate themselves but to rally their teams for the campaign and get them to donate as well. Hearing what the UWGPSNJ is currently doing and who they are helping really shed some light on why our campaign needed to be successful.

The general campaign kick-off was held when Ann O’Brien from Montgomery Early Learning Centers (MELC) met with all of our employees to speak about how her organization benefits from the money we raise for United Way. MELC is dedicated to providing all children, including those from low income households, the exceptional care they deserve in an environment that encourages the development needed for future success. Ann’s stories about the children her program has helped truly hit home. This coupled with the hard-core facts the United Way provided regarding what happens to children if they don’t receive the care they need really touched our employees. Hearing the truth about what is going on right in our own backyards and knowing we can help make it better really encouraged our employees to step up to the plate and donate to this year’s campaign.

With a campaign goal of 90% participation and a monetary goal of $350k, this year’s campaign was no small feat. However, this year’s United Way Committee planned an amazing week of activities to help the fundraising goal along. With events such as Office Olympics, a Lip Sync Battle and an Executive Lunch where the leaders served the meals the week was destined for success. Not only did we reach our goals but we exceeded them. The final participation number for the campaign topped 97% and employees raised more than $375k in monetary donations for the United Way. This amount will go a long way in helping the communities we not only service but live in!