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AmerGas Lake Isabella CA is Committed to Community Rebuilding After a Devastating Fire

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Every day AmeriGas locations across the nation host and participate in drives and events to support their local communities. July begins our #SummerofService to highlight the events our offices participated in this year.

In light of a recent fire that broke out on June 23, our AmeriGas team in Lake Isabella, CA is steadfastly on the road to recovery with their community. Deemed the 15th most destructive wildfire California history, burning over 48,000 acres, the Erskine fire took 309 homes and two lives just a few weeks ago.

“We were a tight-knit community to begin with, but this brought us even closer,” said Kelsey Brown, District Manager, AmeriGas Lake Isabella. “It was devastating, but seeing everyone come together across so many different organizations for the rebuilding process is great.”

Relief organizations, churches, and neighboring unaffected communities donated significant amounts of food, water, temporary shelter, and clothing to the displaced residents. The AmeriGas team put their heads together and decided to donate a product we know best; propane. Brown said temporary kitchens, churches, and other unaffected areas were able to use propane cylinders to cook for displaced residents and anyone who needed assistance. Despite the wildfire, the AmeriGas team was able to keep delivering to their unaffected customers and assist the local Fire Department to get propane out to residents in need and tag any tanks that were damaged in the fire.

“In our community we came up with the ‘All for one, One for all movement,” said Brown. “The goal is to gather as many people and organizations for rebuilding our community.”

The local radio station, a huge component to the Lake Isabella community, lost their repeater towers in the fire and currently do not have a way to broadcast. The AmeriGas team will be assisting in the effort to rebuild the radio station as a part of their commitment to the movement.

“We are thinking about the long term needs of our community, which is why we want to raise money for the radio station,” said Brown. “It’s something the whole community listens to on a daily basis and really brings the community together.”

Brown said instead of the usual Customer Appreciation Day coming up in August, the AmeriGas team will be hosting Community Appreciation Day at the office.

“We’re inviting local law enforcement and our fire fighters and everyone in the community to come out to boost morale,” said Brown. “We are really looking forward to it and think it will be a great day!”
The Lake Isabella team is also committed to helping out some of their own who were impacted by the tragedy.

“Unfortunately we had one team member, Kevin, who lost his home in the fire,” said Brown. Despite losing his home, “Kevin kept busy assisting the community and we were able to fundraise for his rebuilding process.”

The Lake Isabella rebuilding effort is an ongoing process. If you would like to contribute to the efforts, please contact us for more information.