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Propane AutoGas vs. Natural Gas

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Autogas for America recently published a brief comparison of implementation costs and environmental impact between propane autogas verses natural gas in several categories. They used sources that included the US Department of Energy, US Energy Information Administration and various third-party studies. See the numbers below and get ready to convert to propane autogas!

Propane Autogas Fueling Stations Are Less Expensive:

You can build 15 propane autogas stations for the price of 1 compressed natural gas (CNG) station.

Propane Autogas Vehicles Are Less Expensive:
You can convert 2 light-duty propane autogas vehicles for the price of converting 1 light-duty vehicle to CNG.

Propane Autogas Reduces More Harmful Emissions per Dollar Invested:
Propane autogas vehicles offset 1.5 times the harmful emissions that CNG vehicles offset.

Propane autogas is domestically produced, we reduce our need of foreign oil. It is safe for the environment, reducing our carbon footprint for future generations. Since it is less expensive than gasoline and diesel, the cost savings are measurable. It is also the third most popular automotive fuel in the world.

Many fleets have already made the conversion to propane autogas. From school buses to police vehicles, taxi cabs to mowers and lawn equipment. Please contact us for more information.