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AmeriGas Airborne to the Rescue

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Cue up the A-Team theme music! But don’t expect Hannibal or B.A. Baracus to come storming out of a black van. Instead, out of a shiny, white bobtail truck pops the AmeriGas Airborne Team! The Airborne Division is a select group of employees recruited to service our customers by delivering propane when it is needed most. Most often this is during extreme weather conditions such as blizzards or hurricanes when making sure our customers have propane is essential.

AmeriGas Airborne Division

Employees mobilizing to assist other locations across the country has been part of the AmeriGas culture for years. Airborne team members are deployed to any district requesting help when a backlog for deliveries could occur. The airborne team works safely and efficiently to assist with deliveries and service until the local office is stabilized and they can return to normal. In fact, the airborne team works with our distribution teams to monitor major weather events, the number of open orders, and customers with low fuel levels for each local office to see if there is a need for additional help. In those cases where it is needed, a detailed recovery plan is enacted and airborne resources are deployed.

AmeriGas offices in Virginia and North Carolina are among those that have been helped out by the Airborne Division. When cold weather hit over a few weeks in Richmond, VA, no fewer than five drivers at a time were there assisting with deliveries. “Had it not been for the airborne drivers, it would have been hectic,” according to district manager Robert Henley. “They were a godsend.” In Petersburg, VA, district manager Milt Dominguez noted, “Thank goodness [we have such] a large company with other locations able to assist. We couldn’t have gotten as far as we did without them.”

Finally, not easily scared by bad weather, the airborne team stepped up to help in Ahoskie, NC where “we don’t ever get snow – ever – and we got a foot and half on Christmas night,” in 2010 according to district manager Julie Swindell. “Our entire region was overwhelmed.” Two drivers came in from Texas to assist the team as the area continued to be plagued by snow. “We have a lot of good people working for this company,” says Julie. “Not only did the help us out of trouble, they were good men who worked long hours to help our customers.”