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The Perfect Patio

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For many people, getting these outdoor areas ready for early-season entertaining is top priority on spring-cleaning to-do lists! Here are just some friendly safety tips to keep in mind before using your outdoor appliances:

  • Never burn wood, coal, or anything other than propane in a propane fire pit.
  • Never store propane tanks inside buildings, including garages and sheds.
  • Before lighting you propane grill for the first time, check the cooking grid and warming rack to be sure both are in their proper place.
  • Clean the grid, the interior of the grill, and the burner with a wire brush to remove any built-up food.
  • Always keep the top open when lighting the grill until you are positive it is lit.

After another blustery winter season, warm weather and the return of outdoor living cannot come soon enough. Make sure you are prepared by stopping at any of our locations and pick up an AmeriGas tank exchange. To make sure you never run out, pick up a spare tank as well! Let the outdoor season begin!