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5 Cooking Essentials For Your Camping Trip

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Whether you’re pitching a tent or making reservations for a cabin you probably have a long list of items to pack in your car for your summer camping trip. It’s easy to forget cooking supplies amid all the excitement for your trip and when you’re packing for a family there are many needs to consider. For stress-free preparation, here are five cooking essentials you need for your family’s mid-summer camping trip:

1. Ingredients
Preparing foods at home before you hit the road is a great way to have variety of camping cuisine. Prepare camping favorites at home like potato salad or a pot of chili. These dishes allow you to use ingredients you already own so you’ll cut down on spending at the grocery store when you get to your destination, if a grocery store is even available! If preparing great cuisine in the outdoors is your passion, stock up on fresh ingredients for major nature vibes and make sure to store them properly so they stay fresh throughout your stay.

2. Portable Propane Grill
There are so many great recipes for cooking on a portable propane grill or stove. Propane grills and stoves are essential for outdoor cooking because they provide instant and continuous heat for whatever meal you’re cooking up. Propane is the healthier option for grilling and with so many ways to prepare your meals the options are endless, even in the great outdoors. If you brought the whole nine yards, you can easily use your propane cylinder for each of your devices.

3. Storage

Storing your food properly, as I mentioned earlier, is very important when you’re staying for a long period of time. Also, if your campsite is prone to animals it’s important to be prepared so you don’t get your food swiped! Coolers, plastic storage tubs, and extra boxes of trash bags are essential for keeping your campsite organized and sanitary throughout your stay. Utilize animal-proof lock boxes, typically provided by the campground, or research other gear to keep your food items safe.

4. Supplies

This is a given. By preparing your recipes first, you can determine exactly what supplies you need to pack before you head out. The most common items campers forget are wet wipes, ice, and water. Think about the supplies you typically use for cooking at home, along with the specific items you need to make your recipes, and prioritize them to keep your packing light. One hack to keep in mind is creating a camping supplies kit so that you keep the essentials in one place, it’s ready to grab and go, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

5. Family and Friends
Dividing up the work in the kitchen is always more fun. In the great outdoors, cooking with the family can be a learning experience for everyone. Sometimes cooking in the outdoors can be challenging, so teaching your kids the fundamentals ahead of time and assigning everyone part of a recipe can make things run a lot smoother. Involving everyone in your family in preparing a delicious meal will make your mid-summer camping trip that much more special!

I hope you feel prepared with these cooking essentials to have a great camping trip! Remember to visit one of our 51,000 locations to grab your fuel before you head out on your adventure.