Restaurants & Propane: Interesting industry statistics

Posted by Heidi N

Restaurants use propane in a variety of ways. The most obvious,cooking, is one of only several applications. Restaurants also use propane for hot waterspace heatpatio heat and generators. Let’s take a look at some interesting restaurant industry statistics:


  • 96% of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas heat over electric
  • 50% of a restaurant’s energy consumption is used in food preparation and storage
  • Energy efficient propane fryers can save 39% in energy costs annually over standard-efficiency electric fryers
  • High-efficiency propane cooking equipment can save 50% on carbon dioxide emissions compared with baseline electric fryers

Water Heat

  • Indoor & outdoor designs lead more room for tables
  • Life expectancy on tankless water heater units is 2x longer than tank units
  • Achieve energy factors as high as 97% generating half as many carbon dioxide emissions


  • 100% protected: on-site generators maintain lighting, refrigeration, heating & air conditioning

Space & Central Heat

  • Achieve system efficiencies as high as 85% vs. stand-alone electric from the grid, which realizes only 30-50% efficiencies
  • Propane-powered heaters can serve workspace zones & customer seating areas

Patio Heat

  • Extend the season on exterior seating spaces
  • Automatic pre-filled portable propane exchange cylinder delivery programs make outdoor ambiance and additional table turnover a trendy breeze

Now that you’ve started to learn about what restaurants are doing, click here to download the full Propane & Restaurants Infographic today!

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