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AmeriGas Customer Service Update

AmeriGas has centralized our customer service so that your local AmeriGas employees who you depend upon can focus on what they do best - delivering propane and performing service work. Although most of our locations no longer support walk-in customer service, our centralized service teams are available at 1-800-AMERIGAS, now with expanded hours Monday through Friday from 7am to 8pm EST (4am-5pm PST), and Saturday, 8am to 5pm EST (5am-2pm PST). Peak call times are between 11am - 3pm EST. As always, if you smell gas or are experiencing signs of a gas leak, our 24/7 emergency service can be reached at (800) 805-0659.

We recognize in certain pockets of the country, some customers are experiencing order delays, missed-delivery windows and/or long wait times when they try to reach us. If you have experienced one of these issues, we apologize. 

Please know that we’ve been taking immediate actions for these customers, prioritizing the critical need to answer calls and reduce delivery delays:

  • We will soon have doubled staff members in our customer engagement centers to better answer your calls.
  • We’ve expanded customer-service hours to now include Saturdays from 8-5pm EST.
  • In areas needing additional delivery support, we’ve expanded services an extra day (6 days a week) and two extra hours each day (from 8 to 10 hours).
  • Our incredibly dedicated team of delivery drivers and service representatives have been volunteering to relocate to areas that need local additional resources. Our national footprint allows us to help them make these adjustments most effectively.

These adjustments will take time, but with these changes, we are beginning to see improvement. While 2020 has presented setbacks for us and so many others, we have learned so much and are determined more than ever to deliver the service that our customers and communities expect. 

Prepare for a delivery:
To help ensure AmeriGas is able to safely complete your deliveries this winter, please read the important reminders found in the Winter Safety Guidelines. For example, keep your driveway and propane equipment clear of snow and ice, and mark the location of underground propane tanks. 

Check out our FAQs below, where we outlined our most frequently asked questions with recommendations for fastest service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I place an order online for propane delivery?
Yes, eligible customers can request a propane delivery online. If you are eligible to request a delivery online, you will see the "Request A Delivery" option within the Deliveries menu. If you do not see this option, please contact customer service to request a delivery. Note: If you already have an open order, you will not see an option to place an additional order.
How can I tell if I have a delivery scheduled?
You can view your scheduled deliveries by selecting "Scheduled Deliveries" within the Deliveries menu when you log in to your MyAmeriGas online account. You can also receive updates on the status of your delivery by enrolling in text notifications. Update your communication preferences within your MyAmeriGas online account.
Can I place an emergency or expedited delivery online?
Expedited or emergency orders cannot be placed online at this time. Please call customer service at 800-263-7442 to discuss an emergency delivery or expedited delivery request. An additional fee may apply for expedited or emergency deliveries.
How do I create an online account?

In order to register your MyAmeriGas account online, you will need your account number.

Customers can find their account number on their paper bill, or by calling customer service at 1-800-263-7442. Once you are registered, you will also be able to find your account number throughout your online account.

Once you have your account number, setting up your account is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Identify yourself. The first step requires your account number and your zip code.

  2. Verify. In this step you will provide your name, phone number, and email address to confirm the account information.

  3. Setup. Your email address will serve as your USERNAME and in this step you will set your password and security questions.

That's it! Once your setup is complete, you'll review and accept the Online Terms of Use, and be able to enjoy all the conveniences of our online self-service.

Where do I find my AmeriGas account number?

The account number can also be found on your paper bill. The number on the invoice left at delivery is NOT your account number. If you cannot locate the account number, we can provide it you by calling customer service at 1-800-263-7442. Once you have created a MyAmeriGas online account you will also be able to access your account number anytime using your online account.

Please note that for customers who became a customer through the "Get a Quote" process online, the email and password you set up during the quote process are your MyAmeriGas login credentials, and you should simply be able to log in without registering or entering your account number.

How do I pay my bill online?

Login to your MyAmeriGas account, select the Make a Payment option.

How do I pay my bill?

We offer various bill pay options for your convenience, including:

Pay Online

Whether paying in advance or upon delivery, you can make a payment online anytime with no fees by signing into your MyAmeriGas online account.

  • Pay with a credit or debit card (no gift cards)

  • Pay via a checking or savings account

Pay by Mail

Checks and Money Orders may be mailed directly to the address on the remit portion of the invoice with the envelope provided with your invoice. If you do not have your invoice or are paying in advance, remember to include your AmeriGas account number on your check/money order and mail to:

PO Box 371473
Pittsburgh, PA 15250

Pay by Phone

Pay your AmeriGas bills by calling our service center 24/7 at 1-800-263-7442. Local office hours vary and may not be able to accommodate payments by phone.

Automatic Payment

Have your payment automatically processed with our free automatic payment program. Select login to sign up.