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Propane Tanks 101: Tank Ownership

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“Should I rent or should I buy?” It seems like the decision to rent or buy follows us throughout life. Looking for a new home? What about a new car? Just like a home or car, there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding whether to buy or rent your propane tank: “How much will it cost? Is there a return on investment? What are the risk factors?”

To help answer whether or not tank ownership is right for you; we’ve compiled a list of factors to consider before you make your decision.

OPTIONS. Owning your propane tank gives you the freedom to switch propane suppliers as frequently as you’d like. As a renter you can only have your tank filled by the company that owns it, whereas tank owners can have their tank filled by any company they’d like. This freedom, however, does come with a few tradeoffs.

Owning your propane tank also means taking on the responsibility of maintaining that propane tank. That means the costs associated with any repairs or routine maintenance falls on you. When you rent your tank, the tank maintenance and some repairs are typically taken care of by the propane company. At AmeriGas, our technicians are trained to be propane safety experts to ensure your tank meets all safety requirements.

COST. Buying a propane tank is an expensive investment. In addition to the cost of the tank, there is cost for purchasing regulators, blocks, or an anode bag if necessary. Expect to add to the cost if you’d like the tank buried.

SERVICE. It’s important to be aware that some companies will not service customers that own their own tank due to insurance and liability issues. However, at AmeriGas we’re proud to serve both tank owners and tank renters!

INSTALL. Whether you rent or own your tank, your propane tank must be installed by a certified technician. If you plan on renting your tank, your installation will be completed by the company renting you the tank. If you’ll be buying your tank, you must have a licensed individual install your tank. Dealers will not sell a tank to an unlicensed individual to complete the install themselves.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether tank ownership is right for you, contact us or your local office to speak with an expert!