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3 Daily Safety Tips for Propane Forklift Operators

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Did you inspect your propane powered forklift today? Here are 3 good practices for daily forklift safety.

1. Keep your daily checks documented.

A daily forklift safety check inspects more than just the fuel source; it’s everything about a forklift. Though it is required by OSHA to do a daily safety check on your forklift, it is not required that you document the check. It is up to your employer’s discretion to determine the duration of powered industrial truck examination record retention. To ensure safety, keep a daily check log of any maintenance of your forklift. Remember that it is your responsibility to keep your forklift maintained and operable, which is why adequate documentation of daily checks can be helpful to you and your employer to prevent workplace accidents or other harmful situations.

2. Always wear personal protective equipment.

Safety should be your top priority when operating a forklift or any powered industrial truck. AmeriGas recommends always wearing personal protective equipment and making sure it is properly worn and cared for.

3. Schedule a free fuel safety check for your forklift:

It is important to ensure the fuel source of your forklift is safe and follows all regulations. This is why AmeriGas offers free forklift fuel checks for your business. More information about this program is available at your local AmeriGas location. AmeriGas forklift fuel checks will ensure your forklift is optimized for efficiency and safety.