Propane Tank & Gas Refill Information

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Let us find the right AmeriGas service for your needs.

Whether you need a propane tank refill for your home or business, turn to AmeriGas. We're the nation's largest propane supplier, providing propane for residential and commercial use in all 50 states. There's probably an AmeriGas propane refill location just minutes from where you live or work.

This page will help you find the best propane refill service information based on your needs. Look below for the most common propane refill uses for your home and business. Don't see something that fits your needs? Contact us to speak to a representative today. 

Ready to find an AmeriGas propane refill location right now? Use our propane location finder. We're at more than 60,000 retailers across the U.S., so chances are we have a propane filling station near you.

Propane Refills For Your Home

AmeriGas Provides propane refill service for all of your home propane needs. Heating or grilling, indoor or outdoor, you can count on us to keep your tanks filled and your home happy.

  • Heating & Generators

    Heating & Generators

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    No matter how you use propane-powered heat for your home, we can refill your tanks and keep things cozy. 
  • Backyard Amenities

    Backyard Amenities

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    Make your backyard a year-round destination. Refill your AmeriGas propane tank for your patio heater, fire pit, or pool & spa heater.
  • Indoor Appliances

    Indoor Appliances

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    Keep things cooking (and drying) when you schedule an AmeriGas tank refill for your propane-powered oven or clothes dryer. 
  • Propane Grills

    Propane Grills

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    Fire up the grill anytime, with an AmeriGas propane tank- choose to refill your tank at your local AmeriGas filling station. Chances are there's one near you.

Propane Refills for Business

When your business needs propane, our commercial propane refill services is ready to keep you running at peak performance.

  • Heating, Cooking & Appliances

    Heating, Cooking & Appliances

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    Rely on AmeriGas propane refills to keep your business warm and appliances running without interruption.
  • Forklifts and Industrial Trucks

    Forklifts and Industrial Trucks

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    Flexible refueling options like our onsite cylinder refueling, cylinder exchange, or on-site bulk tank refill make us the preferred choice for propane forklifts.
  • Become A Propane Dispenser

    Become A Propane Dispenser

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    More customers = more profits. And if you're a retailer, you can increase traffic and sales when you install an AmeriGas propane refill and refueling station.
  • AutoGas & Fleets

    AutoGas & Fleets

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    Count on us to deliver propane refills for your buses, taxis, mowers, or fleet vehicles. Need refills more often? We can install a tank on-site for refueling at your convenience.
  • Builders & Developers

    Builders & Developers

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    We can fuel your propane-powered building equipment- whether you need propane cylinders or larger bulk tanks- so you can focus on getting your job done. 
  • Agriculture


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    From crop drying and engine fuel to greenhouses and poultry, our propane refill services keep your farm functioning. Options include bulk tank fills, on-site cylinder refill, and cylinder exchange.

Additional Propane Services

No matter if your propane needs are personal or professional, AmeriGas has additional services to make your propane refills simple and easier.

  • Propane Delivery & Refill Options

    Propane Delivery & Refill Options

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    Get your propane refill delivered automatically, on a regular cycle, or by request. Not Sure? We'll help you pick the best option for your specific needs.
  • Online Services

    Online Services

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    With a MyAmeriGas online account, you can order propane refills online, view upcoming deliveries, pay your bill, and more.
  • Propane Tank Installation

    Propane Tank Installation

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    Discover the benefits of having an AmeriGas propane tank at your property or business. We'll also help you choose the best size and location for your tank.