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    Students back to school

    Our Dedication to Education (And Safety)

    Posted by Suzanne G
    At AmeriGas, we educate every one of our customers on how to use propane safely. We’re also dedicated to teaching your children about propane safety, investing in their education, and giving their schools greener options for fueling their buses.

    As your kids head back to school, check out the different ways we help keep them safe and smart – and how you can support their schools just by being an AmeriGas customer.

    Teach your kids about propane safety

    PropaneKids is a fun, interactive site that teaches children from ages 4-13 about propane and propane safety. Kids can watch videos, create their own farm, print coloring pages, play Farm Bingo, and more!

    Join Frankie The Forklift and Propane Paul as they educate kids on:
    • The environmental impact of propane
    • How propane is used in their homes
    • How to identify the smell of propane
    • What to do if they smell a possible propane leak

    We believe that the more kids know about propane, the fewer preventable accidents will occur.

    Turn your propane receipts into cash for your local school

    Did you know that by simply being an AmeriGas customer, you can help your local school earn cash to buy books, computers, equipment, art materials, and more?

    It’s easy with the AmeriGas School Days Program. Once your school registers for the program, you can drop your receipts into their School Days Receipt Box. AmeriGas will add up the gallons on the deposited receipts and donate 2¢ for every gallon – up to $2,000 a year for your school!

    Learn how we’re making school buses run cleaner

    Across the country, many school districts are replacing diesel for fueling their school buses in favor of the environmental and cost-reducing benefits of propane autogas.

    Because propane burns cleaner than diesel or gasoline, buses powered by propane autogas have fewer maintenance and operating costs compared to diesel-powered buses. And on average, propane autogas costs up to 50% less than diesel.

    Vehicles using propane auto gas emit 80% fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons compared to diesel. Plus, students aren’t exposed to black exhaust smoke and harmful chemicals found in diesel fuel.

    Interested in learning more?
    Contact us or your local AmeriGas office for additional information!

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