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    5 Tips to Fry Your Turkey Safely

    Posted by Brittany E

     Turkey Frying Safety

    If you don’t plan on deep-frying your turkey this Thanksgiving then you should seriously reconsider. The faster cook time and unbeatable flavor makes me wonder how anyone could ever go back to an oven-roasted turkey. And don’t even get me started on the amount of oven space you save! But before you run out to power up that turkey fryer, keep you and your family safe by following our top turkey frying safety tips!

    Before you whip out your fryer, make sure you’ve checked the weather forecast! You should never operate a fryer in the rain or snow.

    2. BACK IT UP
    To avoid any potential dangers, don’t fry your turkey on your deck or in your garage. You’ll also want to maintain a safe distance from your home, trees, sheds, or other structures.

    3. THAW IT OUT
    Make sure your turkey is completely thawed and dried before you throw it in the fryer to avoid potential flare-ups.

    4. TURN IT OFF
    Make sure you turn your burner off before placing your turkey in the oil. Once you’ve completely lowered your turkey into the oil, turn the burner on.

    5. EYE IT UP
    Seriously, though. Never leave your fryer unattended. Also, make sure children and pets are kept away from the fryer at all times.

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