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    4 Ways to Extend Your Summer with PROPANE

    Posted by Lynsey S

    Propane Patio Heaters:

    The cooking, entertaining and relaxing that you do on your patio in the summer doesn’t have to end when the temperature drops. Benefits of having an outdoor patio heater include:

    • Allow you to enjoy the patio year-round
    • Affordable luxury in many styles
    • Usually portable
    • Safe to operate
    • Easy and inexpensive to maintain (Just add propane!)

    Propane Pool Heater:

    If you live anywhere other than near the equator, you will not be able to use your pool year-round without a pool heater. Here are some advantages of using a propane powered heater:

    • Clean burning
    • Tanks are portable
    • Heats the pool quickly
    • Heats water regardless of outside temperature

    Propane Mosquito Traps:

    No one likes to have their time outside ruined by bugs! Propane mosquito traps work by mimicking the gases and scents given off by humans. Warm CO2 and an environmentally friendly octenol scent attracts mosquitos the same way they are attracted to humans.

    So, are you ready to reclaim your property and stay outside a little longer without the hassle of swatting!?

    Propane Fire Pit:

    There is nothing like spending time outside with friends and family around a fire pit. Propane-fueled fire pits are not only easier to use but are also safer to light than wood-burning models. They produce less smoke and you won’t need to deal with the ash and debris that remain after the fire is extinguished. Not to mention how much friendlier they are to the environment!