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    Sixty year ago, AmeriGas was founded on a commitment to safety, reliability and responsiveness. That commitment - and our team members' dedication to providing an unmatched customer experience- enabled us to become (and remain) America's Propane Company. We look forward to serving our communities and our customers for decades to come.

    Hugh Gallagher - President and CEO

    What Our Loyal Customers Say About Us

    What Our Loyal Customers Say

    "I appreciate that AmeriGas looks out for their customers. The delivery schedule keeps my tank full so I never have to worry about running out."

    Leonard M. - Redding, CA

    "We were so grateful AmeriGas showed up so quickly after the hurricane. It's good to know that I'm not just a number in a book. I've got a name."

    David B. - Austin, TX

    "The AmeriGas team is friendly, courteous, informative, willing to help with concerns, and provides prompt service with their deliveries."

    Brian R. - Athol, MA

    "AmeriGas customer service goes the extra mile. They listen and understand if you have a problem, and they know what to do to help fix it."

    Helen K. - Tyrone, PA

    "We've been with AmeriGas for 20 years, and we've been very satisfied. I would recommend them to our friends and neighbors."

    Shirley L. - Fredericksburg, VA

    "My business is built on relationships. Whether it's managing our inventory or delivering in -20 degree weather and 4 feet of snow, AmeriGas has never let us down."

    Dan J.- Ontario, OR

    "An an independent store owner, being a partner with AmeriGas propane is vital for us to be successful during a hurricane to serve our community."

    Bruce K. - Brandon, FL

    "AmeriGas has been there to make sure we have what we need to keep cooking and give a simple meal that brings hope to those around us."

    The Salvation Army - Fort Myers, FL

    Fueling the Communities We Call Home

    In The Community

    Where you live is where we live. 

    AmeriGas is grateful for the people in communities nationwide who trust us for their propane needs. That's why it's important to us to give back to these communities through fundraisers, supply drives, and other events that make a difference in peoples' lives.

    Our Events

    AmeriGas Airborne

    Keeping you fueled. No matter what.

    AmeriGas Airborne is one of the industry's best rapid-deployment units, ready to keep propane supplies moving in areas hit by extreme weather. With over 1,800 distribution sites and 6,000 delivery vehicles across 50 states, we keep communities like yours fueled during a crisis.

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