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My AmeriGas Bill


How do I read my AmeriGas monthly invoice?


1. Account Number: Your account number for reference and account inquiries.

2. Due Date: Date your payment must be received by your propane company. Payments received after this date are subject to a late charge.

3. Invoice Date: The date this invoice was prepared. Payments received or services rendered after this date are not reflected on this invoice.

4. Service Address: the location where propane was delivered and/or propane services were received.

5. Account Information Box: Provides an overview of account activity

a. Previous Balance: The account balance amount from your last invoice.

b. Payments: Any payment made since your last invoice. Please note this amount only reflects payments received as of the invoice date.

c. Adjustments/Credits: Any adjustment to your account such as credits, coupons, or late fees.

d. New Charges: The new charges to your account from a delivery, service, or installation. Details of the amount listed in the new charges box can be found under the Account Activity section.

e. Account Balance: The total outstanding balance on your account.

f. Minimum Amount Due (Monthly Budget): The minimum amount due on your account is your Monthly Budget Payment amount from your SmartPay or AmeriGuard contract.

6. Account Activity: Detail of charges for last delivery or service.

7. Important Messages: Messages regarding your account activity including monthly payment information, budget program or pricing program renewal information.

8. Contact Us & Payment Options Section: Contact information for your local office and our Telepay line (Pay by Phone option); Online billing and automatic payment information.

9. Total Amount Enclosed: enter the amount you are enclosing as payment. You do not have to complete or return this stub if you are paying online or by phone.

10. Address Correction: if your address has changed, check this box and update your information on the reverse side.

11. Return Address: be sure this address shows through the window envelope.

12. Reverse Side of Invoice: please review the reverse side of your invoice for important safety information, definitions and payment terms.

Click on the sample invoice to increase the size for easier viewing.

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